1. Try a new art medium.

If you are a songwriter, try painting something for the first time. If you are a painter, try dancing. Trying a new art form will help brighten your creative mind. 

2. Spend time in nature. 

Spending time in the great outdoors with the fresh air helps spark fresh thoughts and fresh perspectives.

3. People watch.

Maybe sit inside of an airport or a mall. Try thinking about what the life story is of the strangers who walk past you. Think about why they walk the way they do or why someone might hold their head up higher than another. 

4. Listen to someone who inspires you. 

Put on a sermon, a speech, a TED Talk, anything that might spark your mind. Maybe even take notes.

5. Journal. 

Reflect on your day, your life, your mind. Just write down anything that is on your mind. Maybe the exact thing you write down clears the mental block in your head.

6. Meditate. 

Enjoy the quiet. Maybe in the silence you find what is on your mind. Maybe sit with nothing on your mind. Enjoy the stillness and lean into it.

7. Watch a great film. 

Set aside a day to binge Lonesome Dove or Star Wars and read into what the characters are saying. Really pay attention to their character. Come up with your own character. Try and enter that creative space in response to whatever you are watching. Jot down lines you like. Laugh when something is funny and cry when something is sad.

8. Read. 

Look through some of your old books and re-read one. Maybe go to a book store and start reading a new one. Perhaps even try reading an autobiography.

9. Visit a museum. 

Walk around a museum. Take yourself on a date surrounded by history or art and stay there for a few hours, admiring architecture and soaking in beautiful sculptures. 

10. Drive to a new place.

There is something beautiful about driving down a beautiful winding road when leaves are falling. Or riding shotgun in the summertime. Even watching your speed in the snow. Driving is a sacred time for so many individuals because it is an activity where you need to focus on just what’s in front of you.

11. Ask people about themselves. 

People love talking about themselves! Ask them about their life. Relate to them. Listen to their stories.

12. Listen.

Listen to sounds and people around you and take mental notes. Paint the picture in your head of what someone is saying to you. There is so much joy in simply listening intently to what people say around and to you.

13. Learn. 

Learning is fun. There is always something to learn. Continue learning about something familiar or start to learn something brand new. Maybe even try learning a new language! The possibilities are endless. What you learn about yourself is also a great launchpad for inspiration.

You have the ability to wake up inspired every single day. It may seem difficult, even impossible some days. Push through and remember to listen, learn, drive, ask, and try.  Each day you are either a step closer or a step further away from where you are going. Finding new ways to be inspired helps you to continue taking steps toward your future every single day. 

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