Although you may find it hard to imagine now, the songs you write in the future will be exponentially better than the songs you have written recently if you learn an important rule: the more songs you write, the better they will become. Songwriters must practice daily and co-write as much as possible, never claiming their latest success as their peak achievement. Songwriters need to have a strong work ethic and a mindset of growth. 

In cities like Nashville, it can be easy to find like-minded individuals as passionate about songwriting as you are.  However, not every city has the creative culture that Nashville fosters. However, there are a couple of ways you can bring some of the Nashville music scene to wherever you’re located!


Attend as many co-writes as possible! Even if you’ve had bad co-writing experiences in the past, you must keep looking for good co-writing relationships. Co-writes are one of the best ways to work your songwriting muscles. You may be worried about not having enough ideas for the session, or about not having good ideas, but a great co-writer will respect your ideas and help mine the gold out of them. You will learn from your co-writer’s style, choices, and ideas, and they will learn from you, too! Co-writing with the right person is an inspiring and replenishing experience! 

For many people outside of Nashville, co-writing is a foreign concept, but as professional hit songwriter Seth Mosley observes, the practice is key: “Even yesterday, getting to write with Zach Kale, who is one of the best country writers in Nashville, my take-aways everyday…we’re constantly making each other better.” The more you share your ideas, good and bad, the better you will get at recognizing a good idea when you have one. Fear is the worst enemy of creativity. Songwriters must be vulnerable and put their ideas forward for evaluation. If you and your co-writer pursue the idea, great! If not, that’s okay, too. Your co-writer will appreciate your openness and become more willing to share more of their ideas, meaning the songs you write will become even better.

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You can’t imagine it now, but as you co-write more, the quality of your co-writes and songs will more than double! If you need to find co-writing partners, a great place to start even if you live outside of Nashville is through Full Circle Music’s online Song Chasers Community! Through this innovative networking platform you can meet other songwriters, producers, and artists dealing in multiple styles of music.  You can set up zoom co-writes and build lasting relationships, get access to tons of educational content, and receive exclusive opportunities like live Q&As with industry professionals.

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