When it comes to writing creative and compelling lyrics, some days they are certainly easier to come by than others. But, even on the hardest lyric days there is an opportunity to write your next hit. That said, here are 5 weird ways to write a lyric!

1. Use Pinterest. You can find titles, concept ideas and lines from Pinterest. Search a term like “love” or “happiness” or whatever you are feeling and see what comes up!

2. Find an old diary entry. Maybe even find something from 10 or 15 years ago if you can! It might make you cringe, but it also might make for some good lyric inspiration!

3. Start with a nursery rhyme meter.  Rewrite the lyrics to a nursery rhyme! Then make some melodic changes within the meter and see what you come up with and what ideas are sparked!

4. Take an existing melody for one of your favorite songs and write new lyrics to it. Then, you can tweak the melody afterwards to make sure it isn’t copying.

5. Just start singing. Start adlibbing. Don’t think about what you’re saying. Just say nonsense words, and then play it back and see what you came up with in the moment. No filtering or judging yourself. This is actually how tons of big pop hits and lyrics get started.

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