If you are looking for more ways to connect with your fans, you may be overlooking the amazing features Spotify provides simply on your Spotify for Artists profile. Spotify’s for Artists primary goal is to create invaluable ways for artists and fans to engage with their favorite artists.

First impressions matter; so if you have set up a Spotify for Artists profile, it’s important to optimize your page and take advantage of all the tools available and constantly evolving.

Write A Bio

Your Spotify bio is a very important part of your profile, as it is the most clear way to communicate who you are on your page. It’s important that your bio effectively connects with your audience, satisfies Spotify’s algorithm, and guides them to take action.

There are a lot of directions you can take when it comes to writing the bio depending on what you want your listeners to know. For example, if you are a newer artist, you may want to give the listeners an idea of who you are and what your brand/story is. Or if you are more established, you may want to use this section to update your listeners on whats coming up next in your career. Just keep in mind there is a 1500 character limit.

You can also directly tag other artists, music, and playlists on Spotify to reference. This is a great way to show listeners what your sound is like and who influences you.

One important thing to include in your bio is a call to action. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of being able to guide your listener to a next step. This next step can be anything you desire like following your profile, watching your latest music video, or buying merch. Make sure that is clear in your bio!

Lastly, be sure to add all social links to your bio so that your account is fully optimized and integrated with your other platforms.


If you are regularly touring artist, this is a very important section to update regularly. 

Spotify offers a way to conveniently integrate your ticket purchasing directly into your profile.

You can create your concert section by setting up events through selected “ticket partners.”

These include partners like Songkick, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, AXS, and more. Find out more about all of their partners here.

Once you set this up, all your events will automatically be posted to your Spotify profile for you.

Spotify also gives each listener an opportunity to have personalized concert sections to stay updated. They also even help market your events by sending out email reminders to your fans.

Spotify not only offers tools for live shows but even virtual events you may come up integrating with platforms like Twitch, Instalive, and Youtube live.


Having a Spotify profile gives you a virtual merch table integrated with Shopify. You can display up to three offers on your page for visitors to purchase directly on Spotify.

This makes your Spotify profile even more of an asset providing an opportunity to make money from more than just streams. 

However keep in mind these assets like concert and merch are currently placed toward the bottom of your page. SO it’s important to find ways to direct your visitors there with things like your artists pick which is discussed below.


Spotify provides several options for incorporating images into your profile.

Avatar Images – 750 X 750 px 

These are essentially your profile pictures for Spotify. This should clearly show your face or artist logo. It is also important that this photo is consistent with your brand on all platforms. 

Header image – 2660 X 1140 px 

Typically most professional profiles make this image very simple with solid backgrounds and a clear focused face.

Gallery – 125 images total

Remember that these photos can paint a story, find images with tons of variety. BTS, concert photos, personal photos, memorabilia, fan meet and greets.

Keep in mind Spotify recommends avoiding text logos or busy BG

Artist Pick

This Artist Pick feature is unique as it gives the artist the most control over their profile.

This feature gives you the ability to pick a song, album, or playlist of your choice to pin at the top of your profile. It even has the option of attaching a short message alongside it to your fans.

This feature is important to update regularly because it shows you are actively engaged on Spotify and with your fans. It’s a nice final touch to add to your artist page to make it stand out.

Use Artist Pick to guide your fans to what matters most to you. A great way to increase sales or traffic is by making your Artist Pick message a clear Call to Action. 

Just keep in mind your Artist pick will only remain for up to 14 days, so update this feature every other week!

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