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Before applying to the Bronze Co-Writing Group, you must complete the following 3 items:

1. Complete the Profile Checklist

Required Items

  • Set a Profile Photo
    • Choose a high quality, close-cropped photo to help people recognize you!
    • Make sure you are the only person in the photo
  • Write a short tagline in the “About You” section
    • Include things like genre, awards or accomplishments, location, and other relevant areas of interest
  • Set your location
    • This will allow you to connect with other co-writers near you
  • Add personal links (music, socials, etc.)
    • Include links to your website, social media, streaming platforms, Songspace, SoundCloud, EPKs, etc.

Optional Items (But Recommended)

  • Set a banner photo
  • Write an introduction
2. RSVP to an Upcoming Event

Go to the ‘Events’ tab on left menu in Song Chasers, click on the event that you wish to attend, the select ‘I’m Going’ from the RSVP options.

3. Join all Song Chasers Resources

Go to the ‘Resources’ tab on left menu in Song Chasers, then click the ‘Start’ button on each of the resources.

  • Training + Event Replays
  • Track Suite Pro
  • Song Reviews
  • Music Resource Database
  • Customer Support

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