If you’ve ever endeavored to release music on streaming platforms all on your own, you’ve definitely heard of both TuneCore and Distrokid. Both sites main function is to offer digital distribution services for independent artists, but there are some key differences between the two! 

Both sites allow you to upload to the same streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Deezer, Amazon, Pandora, Tidal and others, so neither site has a leg up as far as how wide they cast their distribution net. However, each site operates differently when it comes to the full services they offer, access to customer service, fees, and reports and analytics. 


What many artists find most attractive about using Distrokid as opposed to TuneCore is their distribution fees. While Tunecore will charge you each time you upload a single or an album, Distrokid operates on several tiers of subscription based year-long plans that allow you to upload music as frequently as you want. This model helps artists who release multiple projects a year save money on distribution.

Analytics and Reports

When comparing the level of data collected by each company in regards to the analytics of each of your songs, TuneCore is a bit more comprehensive. TuneCore tracks the number of streams for each of your songs on each streaming platform and relays it to you in clear graphs and charts. Distrokid only allows you to see data from a few of the streaming platforms it uploads to, and the charts provide fairly minimal data. However, due to Spotify and Apple Music’s own high level of analytics accessible to artists, most users don’t seem to rely on their distribution services as much for data on how their songs are performing.

Customer Service and Accessibility

One benefit of TuneCore over Distrokid is that it offers customer service resources. However, Distrokid’s uploading process is much easier to understand and it’s platform is easier to use as a whole, so it doesn’t necessarily need to provide the same customer service as TuneCore. While TuneCore’s uploading process can be confusing at times, it is definitely reliable. If you’re looking to save time, the process for uploading music through TuneCore is a lot more thorough and takes longer than Distrokid. 

So, which service is better for songwriters? 

For someone who wants an easy-to-navigate platform and small fees DistroKid is the way to go. However, if you don’t mind waiting the extra time and care more about customer service and reports for your releases, TuneCore will be great to you! There really is no one distribution source that is great for everyone. It depends on what you view as most important for your personal releases!

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