When searching for a studio internship, it’s important to know the right way to reach out to them. After researching a few companies you’d be interested in working for, you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward and creating a good impression when you first reach out. Here are a two tips to keep in mind:

Make A Connection

The first thing you should be considering in your search is how you can make a personal connection with the studio and their team. Find out what recording studios you’re looking to work for and what projects they’re working on, then seek out the ones that are working on projects you’re interested in. Visit their website and see if they have a formal internship program you can apply for or any contact information you’d be able to submit a resume to.

Reaching Out

It’s important to be persistent when reaching out to a potential employer, but there are strategies to help you go about this in a more effective way. For instance, you’ll want to keep this email short and to the point so they can easily breeze through. Start out by addressing your recipient by name if you can, then expressing interest in any past projects they’ve worked on. Once you’ve made this connection to their work, explain that you’d be interested in an internship or any similar opportunities they offer for getting hands-on experience. Then close out the email by thanking them for their time and including your resume and contact information if they have further questions. Generally, this format works well in grabbing their attention and is more likely to get a response.

Overall, the value in having an internship is about more than just another experience you can put on your resume. When reaching out to companies, make sure they know what advantage your skillset can bring to their company and why they should personally want you as an intern there.

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