Resumes and cover letters can be an important way of marketing your achievements and experiences when looking to apply for a job or internship in the music industry. But where should you start? What should you be sure to highlight about yourself? Here’s our tips on how to create a music industry resume and cover letter!


Creating Your Resume

Resumes and CVs are designed to market one’s personal skills, achievements, work experience. CVs (curriculum vitaes) are typically longer than resumes, including more details regarding one’s education, certifications, affiliations, etc. than a resume. You can find more information regarding these differences here.

One of the most important things to emphasize on your resume or CV for a career in the music industry is your experience. Experience is important in any field, but especially music! Experience can include employment, education, volunteering, etc! It’s especially important to include any music-related accomplishments that you’ve had. 

Think through accomplishments beyond those often formerly recognized. 

Did you help organize and market a show for a friend? 

Volunteer at a festival? 

Help execute the production of a music video?

These are just a few examples of accomplishments to consider. More formal accomplishments are also important– awards, etc.– but don’t underestimate the importance of these other experiential accomplishments either!

Furthermore, recognize the importance of presenting yourself as someone who is reliable! On your resume and during the interview/application process, it’s important to demonstrate that you can be trusted in both the little and big things!

Lastly, nearly every employer will also ask you to include references or recommendations! Make a list of candidates, and make sure you have their current contact info and approval.


Writing A Cover Letter

 A cover letter is the first document that introduces you as a job seeker to an employer. This document is one page and almost always followed by your resume or CV. The goal of a cover letter is to introduce your professional history to the employer and why you are interested in the job or internship.

There are many components that are crucial to a successful cover letter. 

The intro, body, and closing


At the top of the letter, be sure to begin with your name, address, and contact information. Follow this by including the name and address of the hirer or recruiter you are addressing, the date, and a professional salutation. 

Always make sure that your cover letters are tailored specifically to the opportunities you are addressing with the name of the person in charge of hiring you. 

You can typically find out more about the person seeking to hire you with a little research on their website. You can also use a site like 


In the first paragraph, describe how you heard about the position and why you are writing about it. 

The second paragraph is all about describing why you think you are a good fit for the role. HOWEVER, don’t make this section all about you! The goal is to show that you have a good understanding of how the role fits into the larger organization, and how you believe you would fit this role well. So, describe how your past experiences line up with the job, but remember to highlight the company’s goals instead of your personal goals. 


The final paragraph of the body should acknowledge any additional documents you are attaching. Also ask for a follow up, and let them know how you plan on following up if you do not hear from them.

At the bottom of the letter, be sure to sign above your printed name! Also list any annotations or enclosures as necessary. 

Take your time on this. Essentially, this is your chance to show your tenacity, initiative, passion, and self-motivation through a list of experiences and accomplishments on two sheets of paper.

No pressure. 

Here is a great example of a cover letter!

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