Content Internship

Job Description

At Full Circle Music, we love inviting interns into our studio to work alongside our team, gain experience, and grow in their professional experience in the music industry.

As an Academy content intern, you will work with our Academy team, creating music industry content for either our YouTube channel or our blog.

Content interns have the choice whether they would prefer to focus on written content (blog) for the semester or video content (YouTube videos).

Content interns get to create content and teaching material on behalf of the company. This is a great opportunity to associate your work with a professional, GRAMMY winning company! On any content that you create, you will be able to link back to your own website/socials.

This is a specialized internship vs. our more general “digital marketing” internship. 90% of your time will be dedicated specifically to video or blog work.

If you are a songwriter, you get to create content dedicated to songwriting! If you are a producer, you get to create content centered on music production! If you are an artist, you can make content for artists! This is a chance to do an internship centered around something that you are passionate about.

We will also make sure you get substantial training through our Academy materials to help you learn tons of professional tactics/processes that we use. This will also help you speak with our “company voice” and make sure that content from all of our channels has consistency.

You will be a part of a small team and you will leave the internship with very strong skills related to content strategy.

Because content interns will be speaking/teaching/writing on behalf of the company, we are very choosy about our content interns, and you will need to send an example of video or written work in advance of being accepted for this internship.

Internships run for 4 month “semesters” and require working at our studios for a minimum of 16 hours per week.

If you would like to join one of the most prominent and awarded music companies in Nashville, TN, please apply!


As a Content Intern, you will have some of the following responsibilities during your time at the office:

  • Creating content for social media
  • Video filming/production
  • Video editing
  • Audio recording (for podcasts or spoken content)
  • Audio editing
  • Content writing (blogs, descriptions, etc.)
  • Organizing/managing data and files
  • Interacting with customers via social media
  • Reviewing song submissions
  • Keyword research
  • Music industry research
  • Graphic design projects
  • Creating song starter sessions

Required Skills/Experience

  • Very strong ability to follow directions
  • Self-learning (if we ask you to do something and you don’t know how to do it, we expect you to know how to look it up on YouTube and figure it out)
  • Some level of music industry knowledge/experience
  • Exceptionally positive attitude & work ethic
  • Strong reading/writing/communication abilities
  • Able to work well in a team environment
  • Ability to handle yourself professionally at the office and around clients

    Required Skills/Experience

    • Video editing/production
    • Graphic design
    • Audio editing/production
    • Web design
    • HTML/CSS/programming
    • Professional content writing (blogs & articles)
    • Professional training/teaching experience
    • Songwriting experience
    • Live performance experience
    • Music production experience

      Perks & Benefits

      • Occasional Catered Meals
      • Access To The Complete Library Of Full Circle Music Academy Products & Trainings
      • Access To All Apprentice Coursework (worth thousands of dollars)
      • Participate In Various Events That May Occur During The Semester
      • Career Coaching

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