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$8/hr (approx. $832/mo)

Digital Marketing Apprentice

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Full Circle Music invites you to apply for our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program!

Marketing is one of the most desirable skills not just in the music industry, but in the economy at large. Marketing is one of the biggest pain points that musicians, record labels, and other music companies have. If you can become an expert digital marketer, opportunities are endless.

The apprenticeship program is designed to turn you into exactly that: a professional. You will join our team at the office for one full year and learn hands-on the ins and outs of professional digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Unfortunately, most music industry companies don’t have many great opportunities for entry-level employees (those who are just out of college or just entering the work force). If you’ve tried applying to other music companies in a marketing position or otherwise, you know how hard it can be.

We designed this apprenticeship program to be the perfect bridge to get you into professional, well-paying positions.

We consider this program to be very similar to a masters degree. In addition to hands on work for the company and in-office training, you will also be given access to thousands of dollars worth of professional marketing courses, books, programs, and other training materials. You will be required to go through the majority of this training on your own time, outside of the office.

There will also be two evaluations over the course of the apprenticeship, similar to a “mid-term” and a “final.”

Before starting at the office, you will be required to complete what we call the “apprenticeship core training.” This is approx. 90+ hours of training. Unlike college (where you pay THEM to learn), we will pay YOU to go through this curriculum! Then, you will be very well equipped to start your first day on the job and you can hit the ground running.

This is an intense program that will challenge you. It is only meant for those who are very serious about wanting a professional digital marketing career after completing the apprenticeship program.

The value of this program is in the learning and the experience. No one will get rich off of the apprenticeship pay, but again, this is a rare program where we actually PAY YOU to learn professionally, instead of the other way around at most training institutions.

The apprenticeship pay is meant to help you survive financially for one year, so that afterwards, you can jump into a well-paying position. It is a 3 day per week program. This way, you can get an additional part-time job if needed to help cover additional expenses during the year.

Most apprentices, after graduation, choose to:

  • Pursue a full time job with our company
  • Pursue a full time job with another company
  • Pursue their own business as an entrepreneur (for instance, starting an agency or freelance business helping musicians with marketing)

In any case, we will very heavily support you. As long as you meet the apprenticeship requirements throughout the year, we will work very hard with you after the apprenticeship to get you placed or established in a great position. We can’t make guarantees, but we will be very committed to help you with job placement or establishing your own business.

For long-term career goals, this apprenticeship program should be a dream opportunity for you to gain skillsets that take the average entry-level marketer 5-10 years to master!

You will get the opportunity to:

  • Participate in select team meetings
  • Have regular coaching and advisement throughout the apprenticeship
  • (Possibly, audition required) participate on a few small professional recording projects
  • Network with major music industry professionals
  • Be featured in FCM content

You will gain experience in different areas of marketing. Some of those areas will be your choice. These areas include:

  • Web Design
  • Strategies For Social Media Growth
  • Marketing Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • eCommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Community Management (Facebook Groups & Membership Sites)
  • Marketing Automation & Sales Funnels
  • Social Media & Google Adwords Advertising
  • Chatbots & AI
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Webinars
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube Growth & Engagement

Thank you for your interest in our digital marketing apprenticeship, and we look forward to reviewing your application! Please click on the “Apply Now” button on this page to apply.

 **Please note that we normally recruit for apprenticeships several months in advance. Similar to a college program, it is nice to give you several months’ notice for your start date for this position, especially if you need to make plans to move to Nashville. If you need a job immediately, this will not be a good fit for you. Thanks!

Job Responsibilities

As a marketing apprentice, you will have some of the following responsibilities during your time at the office:

  • Capturing and creating content for social media
  • Assisting with customer service
  • Creating marketing reports to track progress
  • Writing tasks (emails, blog posts, social media posts, YouTube descriptions, etc.)
  • Product creation and management
  • Using various marketing software tools to assist customers, create automations, and improve
  • Training interns on various marketing tasks
  • Assisting with webinars
  • Communicating with clients about partnerships and other opportunities

You will have the following responsibilities for training (to complete on your own time outside of the office):

  • Going through curriculum (books, video lessons, podcasts, etc.) approx. 12-15 hours per month
  • Taking notes and publishing 3-6 blog posts each month
  • Participate in additional training sessions at the office


Required Skills/Experience

  • Basic understanding and experience on all major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)
  • A strong working knowledge of Apple devices & using macOS
  • Strong writing & professional communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong familiarity with major word processing & spreadsheet programs (whether you use Microsoft Word & Excel, Apple Pages & Numbers, or Google Docs & Sheets)
  • Basic understanding of the music industry and music business strategies
  • Comfortable with receiving constructive criticism and improving yourself
  • “Above and beyond” attitude
  • Highly motivated
  • Some level of marketing/business/advertising experience (this should not be your very first experience in the field doing real marketing work)

Bonus Qualifications

  • Video editing/production
  • Graphic design
  • Audio editing/production
  • Web design
  • HTML/CSS/programming
  • Professional content writing (blogs & articles)
  • Professional training/teaching experience

Perks & Benefits

  • Access To The Complete Library Of Full Circle Music Academy Products & Trainings
  • Occasional Catered Meals
  • Several Paid Company Holidays And Several Additional Days That You Can Use As Paid Time Off On Your Own Schedule
  • Occasional Various Music Industry Conferences, Gatherings, and Parties
  • Various Company Activities/Events Each Year

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