What’s up, friend!

Today, I wanted to share with you another song story. This one has kind of a funny origin story…

It’s Sam Tinnesz’s song “Can’t Take Me Anywhere.”

He actually just released it on his most recent record a couple of months ago called There Goes the Neighborhood which you can check out here!

Anyways, the story starts one morning while we were back in our old studio.

I had a dentist appointment that morning.

And I don’t know why, but the appointment was just taking forever. I was literally just sitting in the chair with my mouth numb, getting my teeth drilled, and it felt like it took like hours.

Realistically, it was probably like 30 minutes…

Regardless, in that time, I started coming up with this melody in my head and just kept saying “can’t take me anywhere.” I really have no idea why.

I think maybe it was inspired by one of the TVs above me – like the kind you look at that hang from the ceiling.

And I just thought, “Can’t take me anywhere. That’d be a funny, tongue in cheek kind of punk song idea.”

So I basically wrote the whole chorus in my head while I was getting my teeth drilled.

When I got back to the studio, I got there like an hour before Sam got in.

And I was like, I don’t know, let me put this down. So I recorded it real quick. I put down a guitar, a drum loop and a vocal for the whole chorus that I wrote.

And then when Sam got there, I played it for him. He dug it.

It was kind of like a Blink 182 vibe, and so I had the song on my computer titled Blink 180 Toothdumb joke, but he ended up loving it, and so we built the rest of the song building off my chorus.

As we wrote the rest of the song, he was kind of in the mindset of making a kind of post modern, pop punk record and thinking about what Blink 182 or Weezer or Jimmy Eat World or one of those kinds of bands would do if they were making a record nowadays.

So we kind of mashed that up a little bit with some more modern vibes like Machine Gun Kelly and stuff that Travis Barker produces and cranked out the song.

And it’s gotten a great response!

It’s been fun to see his record blowing up in a lot of other countries. It’s been on the viral charts of several countries and a lot of really, really big rock and alternative playlists.

So that’s my story for today.

It’s a really fun song, and if you want to take a listen, you can check it out by clicking here.

A little while ago I also actually made a video about how to mix vocals using this song as an example that you can check out on YouTube here.

This song really shows how inspiration can really come from anywhere.

So be open! You never know when inspiration might strike next!

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