“How can I help you?”

It’s that simple.

We live in an “I,” “me,” and “my” world.

Everyone thinks that they deserve to have things just because they’re a human being and that it makes them worthy of certain things.

But no economy can put everyone at the top. By definition, for there to be a top, there has to be a bottom.

That is the journey of life and the music industry… climbing a mountain slowly but surely until we finally reach the summit.

And, just like a mountain, the base is much larger at the bottom, and everything gets narrower the higher you go.

In the same way, there are many people at the bottom and mid-levels. But only a few who truly accomplish their dreams and make it to the top.

This is true of any industry, and it is definitely true in music.

To get a #1 song, that means there are hundreds (just kidding, tens of thousands) of other songs that you have to beat out in a given week.

Difficult? Yes.

Doable? Definitely.

We’ve done it over 25 times, and we can show you how to do it too.

But the point of the mountain analogy is this:

Everyone may think they deserve the top. But only a few will actually get there.

So, how can you be different from the masses and set yourself up to actually (patiently) get there?

Through serving.

We get dozens (sometimes hundreds) of messages from musicians every single week. People tell us they “have the greatest song ever,” and they want to know “how they can work with us.” They ask us “what we can do for them.”

The truth is, we have a lot of connections, resources, and influence in the music industry.

We can do a lot for you. But we can’t do a lot for everyone.

So, how do you become a musician that our company WANTS to work with?

That’s the question.

And I’m using Full Circle Music as an example, but the same is true for any management company, booking agency, publishing company, record label, etc.

The best way for anyone to stand out in a crowd is to give, rather than take.

The next time you’re with a music industry pro, ask them this very simple question, verbatim: “What is something I can do to help you out?”

Sometimes they won’t have anything that comes to mind.

Sometimes it might be a super small thing.

Sometimes you might need to notice a small way to serve them yourself that they haven’t even thought of.

But 99.9% of people in the music industry don’t ask that question when they’re meeting with pros.

If you ask that question, you will stand out in a very good way. And if you keep meeting with them and if you keep asking that question, eventually they will find a great way for you to help.

And if you seriously do help them out, they’ll be grateful to you. And that is the kind of relationship you can’t buy no matter how much you spend on gifts or conference tickets or meet and greet passes.

Do you know any music industry pros?

If you have a good relationship with them, send them a text today and ask if there is anything you can help them out with.

If not, save this for the next time you DO get to meet an artist or industry pro.

It’s very much an idea that aligns with the Bible: “So the last will be first, and the first last.” Matthew 20:16.

To get to the “top,” the only lasting way to do it is to have the attitude of a servant.


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