As an indie artist, you may be short on funds but high in passion and time! The good news is you don’t need a ton of money to set yourself up for success in your music career. You will need to be ready to sacrifice, but for now invest time into developing yourself and setting up a system that will work. Check out these free tools for indie artists to see what works best for you:

Item 1: Bandlab

With Bandlab, you can record, mix, collaborate with other musicians, release, and sell your own music, all for free! This is a great starting point for the artist who wants to get a start but doesn’t yet have much experience and wants to build their skills. You can download Bandlab from their website here.

Item 2: Trello

Whether or not you’re the kind of person who likes making to-do lists, Trello helps with the vital need to hold yourself accountable to your goals. Making music can seem like a daunting task, so break up your projects into bite-size pieces and find your motivation to finish the task as you witness your progress! Trello even celebrates your successes with you when you mark an item as “complete!” Click here to get started.

Item 3: The Songwriters’ Playbook

This playbook is Full Circle Music Academy’s  #1 tool used by pro songwriters every day to take their songwriting to the next level; and if you’re enjoying this blog post, check out the rest of the free resources Full Circle Music offers!

We have a YouTube channel where we answer top music industry questions, newsletters chock-full of advice from our team of music industry veterans, and a podcast called “Made It In Music” where our CEO, Seth Mosley, interviews forerunners in the music industry on how to succeed in your music career.  

Here are links to the YouTube channel and our podcast.

Item 4: Canva

As an indie musician, you have to create more than just music! You will have many jobs to juggle, including all of your design work! Thankfully, Canva offers an easy way to design things like album covers, event fliers, and social media posts. You can use Canva for free or choose to pay for even more design options, but either way this is a powerful tool for anyone who can’t hire a professional designer yet.

Here’s Canva’s website

Item 5: Zoom

One of the greatest benefits of living in our current age is the ability to connect with other musicians around the world without having to go anywhere! You will probably want to co-write or collaborate with other musicians at some point, and Zoom allows you to do just that without leaving your home or moving to Nashville. Zoom also allows you to start building relationships with musicians in the city where you hope to move.

You can download the Zoom app or download the computer version.

Item 6: Donald Passman’s Book

This option is not totally free (unless you find it at the library), but the cost is so reasonable for what you get and this book will pay for itself. Just make sure you pick up a current edition; the book has been around for a while! 

Find the book on Amazon.

Item 7: Bandsintown for Artists

A powerful way of music promotion for independent artists is Bandsintown! This is a way to get the word out about your shows, send messages that will feel personal, see your analytics, get crowdfunded, and more!

Here’s the website.

Item 8: Mailchimp

You would not believe how important having an email list is for a musician! This is a great way to engage with your friends and remind them of everything you’re doing. Take advantage of one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to you.

Mailchimp’s website is found here

Item 9: Linktree

By allowing you to create easy-to-follow links for your followers to access your products, sign up for your newsletters, and more, Linktree makes digital marketing for independent musicians affordable while also providing analytic data to keep you informed about your audience.

Find out more here.

Item 10: Google Analytics

If you have a website set up, then you can start learning about your fans who visit the site. Use this tool to find out more about who is visiting your website so you can know who to target in ads and learn your primary sources of traffic.

Go ahead and try out Google Analytics for yourself.

Now you’re ready

Next, you only have to explore the tools before you. These are only as effective as you make them, so now is the time to start using the resources that matter for getting your music to listeners!

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