As an indie artist, it can be freeing to know that you get to call all the shots on your releases, but it can also be isolating. To get out of the songwriting ruts you find yourself in, you may need someone to come alongside and help inspire you! You may also just need a fresh perspective to help finish a song that you’ve been laboring over. Here are some ways to start finding the right co-writer for you. 

Way 1: Facebook Groups

A quick, easy, and totally free way to meet potential co-writers is a quick search on Facebook for songwriter groups! You may try to narrow it down to a genre or group in your area, but this is not necessary, especially if there are not many active songwriters in your town. These groups are usually easy to join and can help hold you accountable! Try to find a group that you have to request permission to enter, and be sure to leave lots of constructive feedback in the group and offer examples of your work before asking for a co-writing opportunity.

Way 2: FCM’s Song Chasers Community

For a reasonable monthly subscription fee that you can cancel at any time, you may join Full Circle Music’s online platform for songwriters to network, co-write, goal-set, receive songwriting education, attend live Q&A sessions with professional musicians, and more! The value is incredible for what you pay. If you are interested in learning more about joining, send an email to

Way 3: Local NSAI Chapters

You don’t have to live in Nashville to join your local Nashville Songwriters Association International chapter! This can be a great place to find some dedicated writers who are open to feedback and collaboration. If you don’t have an NSAI chapter near you, why not start your own? You can also search for other reputable guilds and forums in your area.

Way 4: Music Conferences and Camps

Examples of where you might network with some quality co-writers include FCM’s Music Maker’s Bootcamp, CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, and ASCAP’s “I Create Music” Expo. There are music conferences all over the country to consider, and sometimes there are virtual conferences you can attend from anywhere!

Way 5: Concerts and Festivals

If you play a local music festival, or even if you just attend one, then you can start building relationships with writers who wow you with their performances. Be sure to try and offer them value (follow them on social media, buy merchandise, and post videos of their act on your account with them tagged) instead of asking for any favors upfront. You will build a more personal and genuine connection if they see you care about them and their artistry, and this can open the door to a great co-writing relationship. Be ready to share your music with them easily from a quality streaming platform if they ask about your work!

Way 6: Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of your own social circle! You may not even realize that your cousin is best friends with a popular up-and-coming guitarist. A great way to find connections is to openly discuss your dreams and goals and share your music with the friends in your circle. 

Way 7: Start Songwriting Partnerships!

Creating music often goes so much better when done in community. Get creative in finding your co-writers! There are as many ways to start co-writing with someone as there are ways to meet a best friend. Try to look at your co-writers as people you want to partner with in a lasting relationship. You will be far more likely to get a second, third, and hundredth writing session with them, and to finally produce that breakthrough hit song!

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