Whether you’re new in town or just visiting, I’m sure you’re aware that Nashville is known for writers’ rounds. Nashville is a city of rising songwriters and attending writers rounds is the perfect way to get your foot in the door to a community that can change your life. It’s imperative to do research on venues that consistently support local songwriters, and trying out new venues can be a great way to network! The live music scene in this city is always changing, but here’s a list of great rounds to play when entering the Nashville scene:

Bluebird Cafe

It’s pretty likely that you’ve heard of this one. Known as “one of the world’s most preeminent listening rooms,” this venue has given artists such as Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and Faith Hill career-defining moments. You can count on this venue to have incredibly talented songwriters performing originals each night, and as you can imagine this makes the venue highly competitive. Before you’re able to perform a round here, you have to perform at the open mic first. To even land yourself a spot in the open mic, you have to call between 11am-12pm on Monday afternoons to try and speak to someone that can put you on the list. 

Cabana Taps

This is another great venue to book as an emerging artist, and there’s live original music playing here every night. There’s always fun events happening here for songwriters, and playing a round here means you’ll be playing alongside the next big breakthrough artists. In order to play you’ll either have to call and inquire or visit the venue and get in touch with one of the hosts.

Tin Roof

This venue is always lively with events going on, and there are two Nashville locations! The venue on Broadway is right in the center of Nashville’s mecca for live music, meaning the audience is usually packed waiting to hear new talent. If you’re looking to play here, you’ll likely have to get in touch with one of the hosts or email them here.

The Analog at Hutton Hotel

Located in West End near Music Row, this venue showcases up and coming writers in a more intimate setting. This is one of the most common venues Nashville songwriters choose to showcase their talent, and they can even host special event shows for artists such as an album/EP release party, business dinners, etc. For information about booking click here.

Whiskey Bent Saloon

Whiskey Bent Saloon is another songwriter venue on Broadway and is right in the middle of all the action. This traditional and authentic honky tonk hosts live music events all day and night featuring a new artist, and YOU could be one of them! For booking information, you can inquire here.

These are just a few options to look into when booking your next writers round, but don’t stop here! There are SO many amazing venues that support local songwriters, so be sure to play out at as many as you can around town.

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