Our Top Products & Services

At Full Circle Music, we have worked hard over the past several years developing the best courses, events, services, and high-level opportunities to move your music career forward as fast and efficiently as possible.

Read below to learn more about our top resourses and services for musicians & industry creatives.

Song Chasers Community

Song Chasers is our custom social platform and community of professional and aspiring songwriters. Find collaborators, learn from industry professionals, and write the best songs of your life by diving into weekly trainings, live song feedback, exclusive tracks, monthly challenges, mini courses, pitch to publisher opportunities, and more.

Songwriting Mastery Course

Songwriting Mastery is a complete masterclass in the art of songwriting, covering every aspect of the songwriting process from generating ideas to creating professional demos and even pitching your songs. Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned songwriter, this is the ultimate resource for learning the art of songwriting like a pro.

Music Production Mastery Course

Music Production Mastery is our top-of-the-line course covering every single aspect of our production process. See how a song starts in the studio and watch us turn it into a completed master as we track instruments, edit, mix, and master. This is exactly how GRAMMY winning tracks are made.

Music Industry Baby Steps

Want to make music your full time job but don’t know where to start? Whether you are a songwriter, artist, producer, or musician, the Music Industry Baby Steps Workshop walks through each step you need to take to live your dream and do music full time in your desired area of the music industry.

Track Suite Pro

Track Suite Pro is our custom software and database that allows you to create music beds for any project as fast as possible. Instead of taking hours to record guitars or find the perfect drum loop, TSP has you set up in minutes! Track Suite Pro was uniquely designed to simplify music creation for anyone.