As an artist looking to release your song, you may wonder how to find the producer that’s right for you. To find the right fit, it’s first important to ask yourself these three questions: 

1. Who do you click with?

When making music, it’s important for there to be creative chemistry with whoever you’re working with. Trust your gut. Find someone who has similar musical tastes.  Find someone who is an easy hang. Whether you’re recording a single, EP, or album, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person, so make sure it’s someone that you love being around.

2. Who is available to you?

In other words, who are people around you that are willing to invest their time in working with you? Of course, a piece of this questions is also who you are able to afford. You’ve got to shoot for the best that you can afford, but you also don’t need to go broke. So, who is willing to dig in with you and craft the song or record of your dreams?

3. Who compliments your skill set?

No two producers are exactly alike. Some are extremely great instrumentalists but have no lyrical savvy. Some play a little bit of everything and also happen to be great engineers and programmers.  Some are as much of a songwriters as they are a producer. Some are great singers which make them even stronger as vocal producers. The important thing is to take inventory of what you’re good at and what you’re not good at and then to choose a producer who can help fill in the gaps. 

So, how do you actually find the right producer for your music? 

While it’s great to know what to think about when looking for the right producer, it can be hard to even know where to start looking.  So, here’s a list of ways to find your next music producer! These are by no means the only options, but can be great starting points for finding the right producer for you.

1. Join our Song Chasers Community, a community for songwriters, artists, and producers to find collaborators and learn from industry pros! We aren’t open to the public right now, but reach out to my team at to learn more and stay up to date on the next time we open it up!

2. Join a music Facebook group like the Full Circle Music Learning Community. Active online communities can be a great way to find talent to collaborate with!

3. Check out This website helps connect songwriters and artists to talented and affordable producers and studio musicians for hire.

4. Co-write. Producers, much of the time, are also songwriters. You may end up finding someone who wants to finish producing the songs that you write together. This is very common nowadays and will also likely lead to a better rate than just cold calling someone who isn’t as invested in your music. 

5. Look up the credits of your favorite records, then DM them on social media or see if you can find the email of their manager and reach out through them. You may not get responses from everyone you reach out to, but you with some you  just might!

6. Go to live events. Attending live industry events and seminars are often attended by like-minded creatives and producers who can be great to connect with!

7. Look in the mirror. You might just see a producer staring back at you! It can be an incredible investment to have a basic home studio setup and learn how to use Logic, Pro Tools, or Ableton. If you need help learning to improve, check out our Music Production Mastery Course by emailing my team at The course is also great even if you don’t plan on being your own producer, but simply want to learn to better speak the language of production when working with a producer on your project. Producers love it when artists actually know how to give helpful feedback for making tweaks on their music. 

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