GarageBand seems to be the universally known and accepted app for creating music on our phones. You might even start to feel like any app other than GarageBand is suspect, or that a different platform could turn out amateur-quality music. Thankfully, musicians who already have an android don’t have to trade their phones out to start making high-quality music on their devices! Those seeking an android alternative to GarageBand actually have some great options, and you can set aside that extra money you would have used for a new phone to fund your music projects instead!  

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand is an iOS platform. It’s also on Mac, but here we’ll specifically focus on mobile devices. A lot of people really like GarageBand because it’s a fully-functional recording studio on your phone available whenever you need it to document your ideas!

When we do workshops and training sessions here at Full Circle Music, a lot of people don’t have iPhones or iOS devices. They often ask if there’s anything similar to GarageBand they can get for android, and we do have two solid recommendations to offer them. 

Two Choices

The first is called nTrack Studio, and the second one is called FL Studio. Both of these apps, like GarageBand, have computer counterparts, so that you can move files between your mobile device and computer. 

You Can’t Go Wrong

We don’t have a strong recommendation that you use one over the other. We’ve looked at a lot of different apps, and both nTrack Studio and FL Studio are easy to use, simple, modern, clean, and professional. Both have a ‘GarageBand feel,’ so If you’re looking for a GarageBand alternative, then definitely try one of the two! Links to both apps are at the bottom of the blog post. 

Go ahead and download and test out both apps and see which one works better for your workflow and how you want to use a music app! Don’t stress about it; either one should help you produce great music, so you can’t go wrong here! Download these apps for a solid, robust music tool and recording studio readily available in your pocket!

Download nTrack HERE.

Download FL Studio HERE.

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